Combi Jeep Safari

One part of the day, the jeeps will cruise us, after a stop at the terrace where the joy of 100% viewover Alanya is waiting for us,  to the mountains of Alanya. This jeep safari shows us, through the open side and roof of the jeep,  the amazing nature, and a lot of action.  Well, during this adventural jeep safari we are driving offroad and visiting a old ottoman house and visiting a traditional mosque. Where we can learn a little bit about the religion of Islam. And we are spending some time around de old legendary wish tree in this village.

During the tour we are going to Camlibel Picnic where we are going to a beautiful natural small waterfall, and have the possibility to swim in a natural pool. A great day where you can enjoy a lot of action and fun and directly learn and see a little bit of the culture of Turkey. 

Are you already in the mood? There’s more to come!

Let’s finally swimming in the crystal turqoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Under the shining perfect sun! But firstly, let’s have a chill on boat.

This unique trip makes us also enjoy the ancient shipyard of Alanya, and the famous three caves named BosphorusCave, Pirates Cave and the Lovers Cave.

Can anyone tell us about the adventures that time? And what about Antonius Marcus who fell in love with Cleopatra?

Have patience. Our guide is going to tell us all the details!!!!

And last but not least ofcourse a nice animation and foamparty for all ages.

This day is completely worth it!


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